Transcription Updates


I just updated a couple of my transcriptions to fix errors. Here are the changes:

Ga-rei Zero – Compassion: Changed the fermata in ms. 13 to a tenuto, since this note should only be held slightly longer than the others.

Shakugan no Shana S – Junko’s Disappearance Scene: Added a rallentando at the end of ms. 15. The song slows a bit for the last two notes of this measure.

Missing Images in Logitech SetPoint


If you use SetPoint and it doesn’t properly update itself, it might show a generic mouse image instead of a picture of your mouse. You can manually get the right picture if you can find the upgrade package for your device though.

First, you need to find your device’s model number. OpenĀ %AppData%\Logitech\SetPoint\user.xml in a text editor and you should see a line that looks something like this:

<Device DisplayName="Marathon Mouse M705" Model="16777378" NumberOfButtons="11" ConnectionID="">

The important part here is the Model value. Convert the number into hexadecimal. In my case, it’s 10000a2. (Make sure to change all letters to lowercase) Next download this file (replacing the 10000a2 at the end with your hexadecimal model number):

If you’re using an old version of SetPoint, change the “2” after “devices” to a “1”.

Run the executable you just downloaded and SetPoint should now show the correct image for your device.