Brace Completer

Microsoft’s free Productivity Power Tools extension now has brace, parenthesis, and brackets completion, (and it works very well) so I do not plan on developing this extension any further. ┬áIt will still remain available for download, but I recommend Microsoft’s extension.


Brace Completer works in C#, C/C++, JScript, CSS, and plain text files, and it can be activated/deactivated on a per-language basis from the options page under Environment->Brace Completion. Brace completion can also be activated in other file types, but as Visual Studio indents some languages slightly differently, Brace Completer may not indent these correctly.


Brace Completer will automatically adjust to your C# indentation settings. (unless you indent braces but not block contents, but who indents their code backwards?) Note: If you change your C# indentation settings while C# code windows are open, you will need to open the Environment->Brace Completion options page before closing the options dialog. Otherwise, currently open C# files will not be updated and you may get some strange indentation behavior.

Brace Completer will also adjust to your C++ indentation settings, but since Visual Studio refused to let me see these settings, there is C++ indentation option in the Environment->Brace Completion options page. Change it to match your settings in Text Editor->C/C++->Formatting.

Brace Completer doesn’t care if you put your opening braces on a new line or not. It will work either way!