Userscripts are pieces of JavaScript that get automatically loaded in your web browser to modify how pages work. Here is a page with instructions on how to install them. These are userscripts I wrote.

If there are separate links for Opera and Firefox, both refer to the same file, but the Opera link will save as *.js and the Firefox link will save as *.user.js.

Accented Character Shortcuts (Opera)(Firefox)

This script is now obsolete for Opera. Use my Text Shortcuts extension instead.

This script lets you enter accented characters with “Ctrl+symbol, character” shortcuts like in Microsoft Word. All shortcuts at except ones that use Alt will work. Confirmed working in Opera 10.5 and Firefox 3.6, but accents in GMail rich text boxes only works in Opera and only if User JavaScript on HTTPS is turned on. This fails beautifully in Chrome, since Chrome is stupid and doesn’t generate keypress events when Ctrl is pressed.

Mangafox Ajax Preloader (Opera)(Firefox)

This script preloads all the images in a chapter on Mangafox and replaces the top ad with a progress indicator showing which pages are loaded. It overrides all the page changing controls on the page so that page changing is instant and automatically enlarges two-page spreads.

If you edit the settings section at the top of the script, you can also have it scroll to the top when you change pages and/or remove the ads at the bottom too. It uses session/localStorage to speed up loading a previously loaded chapter. (Edit the settings to switch between sessionStorage and localStorage) I’ve given up trying to get this to work in Chrome, since Chrome is stupid and doesn’t let userscripts access the JavaScript on the main page.