I uploaded GlassCalc 1.30 a few days ago, but a combination of strange network problems and lack of time has kept me from writing about until now.  Thanks to the most bizarre network error I have ever seen, I cannot update the changelog page, but I can update everything else.  Until I get some help from the campus network people, I’ll post the changes here.

This version mostly fixes a number of bugs.  The inverse trig functions were all completely wrong.  I promise I will never again blindly copy-paste code without testing it.  There are also a number of fixes for non-default multiplication signs.  I’ve also added a delete function, which is just another alias for unset, and undefine.

I am currently rewriting the parser code to separate it from the UI thread. This means GlassCalc will no longer freeze while performing long calculations like solve, and I can implement things like evaluating as you type.  I have very little knowledge about multi-threaded applications, so the process is long, hard, and completely unlike what those of you with dirty minds are now thinking about.  You can check the roadmap to see what else I am working on.

Aug 29, 2010: v1.30.1

  • Fixed a problem with uppercase E not being recognized in exponential notation.  This also fixed a problem with very large/small scale factors.

Aug 26, 2010: v1.30

  • Fixed inverse trig functions (they were broken thanks to blind copy-paste. I’ve implemented unit tests to help keep this from happening again)
  • Non-default multiplication sign gets proper syntax highlighting
  • Syntax highlighting preview now uses correct multiplication sign
  • Non-default multiplication sign will now trigger “ans” autocompletion.
  • sinh and cosh now work with degree angles.
  • factorial now works on negative numbers
  • Added arccos, arcsin, arctan… aliases for acos, asin, atan…
  • Added atan2(y,x). This is actually an alias for atan(y,x).
  • You can no longer define functions with the same name as aliases.
  • Added delete command as another alias for unset and undefine
  • UI fixes. Clicking to the left of a result now selects it. Input box background color is once-again changeable.

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