GlassCalc 1.34


I’m officially out of interesting titles for these update posts.

There are a good number of fixes and additions in this version. Check the changelog for all the changes, but here’s the highlights:

  • Added sinc, rect, nCr and nPr functions. nCr and nPr are for combinations and permutations, respectively.
  • Added phi and invphi functions. phi is the standard normal CDF function and invphi is its inverse. I’m not familiar with how this functions is supposed to work—I just used the implementation eli linked here—but it agrees with Wolfram Alpha for the few test values I tried. Please tell me if there are any cases where it gives a wrong answer.
  • The “ans” variable now sticks to the bottom of the list so you can find it more easily.
  • The side panel now shrinks a bit if you shrink the window so that the history view still gets at least half the width of the window.
  • User-defined constants are now colored as such in the input box.
  • Fixed a lot of formatting issues, especially with things not in base 10.

Check the GlassCalc page for download links.

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