Downtime, Updates, and Glass!


First off, sorry about the recent downtime. My (free) host had a failing hard drive. Naturally, my site was on that drive, and it took a while to move everything to another server and reconfigure it.

I recently finished a Visual Studio 2010 extension that automatically closes braces (because Microsoft still hasn’t implemented it, and there’s no way I’m buying something like ReSharper). Because I am boring and unoriginal, I have named it Brace Completer. You can find it in the software section.

I also updated my Opera/Firefox userscripts with a couple enhancements. The accented character shortcuts script loads a bit sooner on Opera, and the MangaFox script can now use session/localStorage to cache image urls, making things load faster if you return to a previously loaded chapter.

Lastly, I have an update for GlassCalc, which fixes an overflow error with base conversions, a freeze with long input strings of all the same letter, a bug with updates, and a few other things. The full changelog can be found here. Also, I decided that, for a program named GlassCalc, my calculator didn’t have nearly enough glass. I have now remedied this oversight.

[singlepic id=13 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Go to the Options->More Settings page and check Full Glass UI to turn it on. You’ll obviously need Vista or Windows 7 for it to work.

Speaking of things named GlassCalc, as it turns out, the name I chose in an inspired moment of uncreativity has been in use by an English software company for some 25 years. Whoops. They asked if I would link to their site, which I will gladly do here and now (as well as some other places around the site).

Glass Software UK
Glasscalc Ltd are the leading software developers in the specialist field of Pricing / Costing and Invoicing systems for the Glass Industry.

If you happen to be looking for software that deals with actual glass, go check it out!

2 thoughts on “Downtime, Updates, and Glass!

  1. HI Joel Spadin
    I tried to e-mail you but failed so I am posting my quary about a different issue here. I am extremely sorry for this inconvenience.
    While searching the net I saw your post on Saving images/video from camera (LabVIEW) at 01-12-2009. In your reply to this above mentioned post you said

    ” though it should be adding 10 frames a second to an avi set at 10 fps, the resulting video goes looks like the fast-forward button is held down”.

    Recently, I am also using Labview 6 to capture some video files although the total video time is around 30 sec the final video goes fast forwarded and total time shows only 0.1s. How to save it back to its normal time scale?

    Do you have any solution to this problem. It will be highly appreciable if you can give me some suggestions.

    Thanks and Regards

    • That’s okay. Unfortunately, we scrapped the camera idea a little after that, so I don’t think I ever resolved that problem. I no longer have access to a computer with LabVIEW or the backup drive containing the project, so I don’t have a solution.

      My best guess is that there is some sort of metadata in the video file that sets the frame rate, and that the video plays back at the wrong speed when this value is not set to the frame rate at which the video was recorded. I don’t know to set this value though.

      As for video that is already recorded, Windows Movie Maker can halve the playback speed of a video (but not Windows Live Movie Maker), and other video editing tools can set the playback speed of a video.

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