3 thoughts on “Nyan Koi!: Yasoukyoku

  1. Dear Website Administrator(&Creator),
    Hello!! My Name is David Ivers! :) I’m having some Technical Difficulties (Problems) with one of the (Download) Links (Above?)!! :( I’m having the following Problem: The “(Download)”Link” to the “Midi”(File)” (of the Song) is not working (for some unknown reason)!! :( (in other words: I just can NOT seem to be able to download the “Midi File(/Version)” of the Song!!); If I click on it, it redirects me to a Page saying that it can not find (The Page/)what I’m looking for! That’s most likely the reason why it’s not working, and why I can not download the file!! If you can get the Link to leads to a Page playing the Song, It should work again!! :D However,(from what I have seen and think), you may be VERY, VERY Busy!! So therefore, Whenever you get the time to do so,[and decide to do so(as well)], please fix the link(and if you can/want to, please post a comment saying that you have fixed the link, right here.) Thank You Very Much!! :D (In Advance) Bye-bye, – Later! :)
    Yours Truly,
    David Ivers

  2. Whoops. The file name was spelled wrong on the back-end. It’s fixed now. Thanks for telling me!

    Also, just for the record, capitalizing Random words in The Middle of Your sentences makes them difficult to read (unless you’re writing in German).

  3. Dear Joel[The Website Administrator(&Creator)],
    Okay! Thank You Very Much (for fixing the link)!! :)
    By the way, about the “Random Capitalization of Words (in the middle of sentences)”, it’s a (bad?) habit of mine that I do quite often (Mostly) when typing; I am very sorry that it made my message a little hard to read and understand. HOWEVER, I don’t just capitalize any random word!! When I capitalize a “random” word in the middle of the sentence,(other than those that follow the rules of capitalization, and must be capitalized), I tend to choose a specific word. Whenever I do that, I’m trying to place a special emphasis on that one specific word to show it’s importance in the message. Also, EVERY time[or almost every time(in case I missed or forgot one)] that one word reappears in the message, that word is capitalized again(unless I decide not to do it). An example of what I’m talking about is the fact that the following words that reappear in my last message quite often(in order of appearance): “Problem”; “Download”; “Link”; “Midi”; “File”; “Song”; & “Page”; – they are supposed to be important “Keywords”!!(I guess that’s what you could call them); The reason, that those specific words are capitalized as important “Keywords”, could probably be explained by the following statements: 1.-“‘Problem’-emphasizing that there was something not right”; 2.-“‘Song’-emphasizing that it had to do something with music”; 3.-“‘Link’/’Page’-emphasizing that it had to do with one of the links of the song”;4.-“‘File’-emphasizing that it had to do with either the PDF or MIDI File”; 5.-“‘Midi’-emphasizing which file it had to do with”; 6.-“‘Downloading’-emphasizing that I wanted to download it but can’t, for some reason”;
    I’m very sorry if I made this message too long; but I thank you for your time and patience if you read this message all the way through.
    Yours Truly,
    David Ivers

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