Mangafox Userscript Version 1.3


I discovered a bug in my Mangafox userscript where it failed to clear old entries from its cache.  This update fixes that bug as well as a few others.  In Opera, the script was showing up in the debugger on pages other than  Just to be safe, I added an extra check to make sure it would only be loaded on

This update also adds a ‘Reload page’ button which might save you in the rare instance that a page never loads.  If clicking it once doesn’t help, double click it and it will force the browser to redownload the image.  I also renamed the ‘clear cache’ button  to ‘Reload chapter’ since that better describes what the button does.

If you use d.i.z.’s fantastic UJS Manager extension, most of the script settings can now be edited directly from UJS Manager.  If you don’t, the settings section will be a little harder to read, but it should still be manageable.

Download Mangafox Ajax Preloader version 1.3 for Opera or for Firefox (same file, different names)

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