Transcription: The Girl in the Drawing


Here’s a transcription of The Girl in the Drawing from Durarara!! (or Dulalala!!, or Drrr!!, or デュラララ!!, or however else you want to say it) for violin and piano.  This is the first time I’ve transcribed something other than a piano solo, and it was a little difficult to tweak Lilypond into doing what I wanted, but I think it turned out well.

You can listed to the original song on Youtube here.  The link below will take you to my sheet music page, where you can download the combined score and the individual violin and piano parts.  The combined score does not have the dynamics for the violin part, because it broke the formatting and pushed the score onto another page.

The title in its original Japanese is 絵の中の少女 (E no naka no shōjo).

Please tell me what you think! Comments, suggestions on what to transcribe next, etc. are all welcome!

One thought on “Transcription: The Girl in the Drawing

  1. Why are there so many key changes in the violin part? It confused me a lot. Anyway, i’m a beginner so that’s probably why it happened.

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