GlassCalc 1.23


I uploaded this a while ago, so I figured I should write a bit about what’s new in version 1.23. Most importantly, I reworked a lot of startup code, so GlassCalc should start up much faster than before. As a result of a change in the way settings are handled, is you will lose your saved variables, functions, and history when you upgrade. If you don’t want to lose them, you can export them before upgrading and import them afterwards. This is explained in greater detail on the main GlassCalc page.

This version also fixes the factorial function so it works on big numbers. It also now supports the factorial operator. For example, 5! now means 5 factorial. I also added a “clear all” command which clears user functions, variables, and saved history all at once.

The installer package is a bit bigger this time, because I added the .NET 4.0 web installer. The setup program should now make sure you have .NET 4.0 and (after asking you) automatically install it if needed. The upgrade installer does not include this, so it links you to the .NET download page instead.

GlassCalc 1.24 should be coming sometime soon. It will feature a little better handling of the size of the left pane, hiding the left pane when the window is very small, and basic support for unit conversions using Units.

Downtime and Stuff


After about three weeks of downtime, my site is finally back up! My host moved everything to bigger and better servers, but my account was lost in the transfer. Good thing I keep nightly backups of my database! Some things may be broken for a while as I get everything working back the way it was.

Also, with the release of the .NET Framework 4.0, I have a new version of GlassCalc for you to try. It has a few bug fixes, a bunch of new features, and a pretty substantial improvement in startup performance. Download it here or click “Check for Updates” from GlassCalc’s help menu.