MotioninJoy UI

MotioninJoy is an unofficial Playstation 3 controller driver for Windows. The driver works very well, but the configuration utility is clunky, requires an Internet connection and displays ads which like to automatically open pages in your web browser. SEt created an offline version of the tool, which removes the ads and Internet requirement, but the interface is the same. Nightfox created an improved UI for the offline version, but some features such as the profile and macro editor do not work, so I decided to create my own UI. Rather than trying to describe it, I’ll just show you what it looks like.


System Requirements

I have only tested this with Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10. If you are on Windows 7, upgrade to IE10 and it should work. I expect that it will not work on Windows XP.


Install MotioninJoy, then extract the contents of the UI package to C:\Program Files\MotioninJoy\ds3\. Use DS3_Tool_Local.exe instead of DS3_Tool.exe to run the program.

Known Issues

  • If you enable the Minimize to system tray on close option, after minimizing the program and restoring it, the program will no longer update when devices are connected or disconnected. This appears to be a problem with the executable itself, so I can’t fix it.
  • If you click the Local button or re-run the program as administrator from the driver manager, the program will forget which profile is active on each controller. This is because the backend program does not provide this information to the UI, so I save it within the UI. These actions reset the program, so the saved information is lost.
  • Similar to the previous problem, the backend program does not save LED indicators per-controller, so custom LED settings are lost under the same conditions as above.

Help Me Make This Better

I only have two Playstation 3 controllers and a single Bluetooth adapter, so I cannot test all of MotioninJoy’s features. Additionally, since I have reverse engineered the interface, it is possible (read highly likely) that I have implemented something incorrectly. Please tell me if you find a problem with my UI and I will do my best to fix it. Thanks!

Download version 1.0 beta 2


1.0 beta 2

  • Added custom LED indicators

1.0 beta

  • Initial release