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If you use MotioninJoy to connect Playstation 3 controllers to your computer as gamepads, then you are probably well aware that the configuration utility is far from pretty or user-friendly. I just finished rewriting the UI to not suck. Check it out at the link below, then come back here to tell me all the things I broke so I can fix them.

MotioninJoy UIRewritten, offline UI for the Playstation 3 gamepad tool, MotioninJoy

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    • I’ll see what I can do. I can’t promise anything though, since that part of the original code is quite obfuscated.

      Note to programmers: mmm(x, y, v) is not an acceptable name for a function, nor are Mxxx, Myyy or Mvvvv useful variable names. I have no idea what this function does except that, if I don’t call it exactly the way it is used in the original code, things stop working.

    • I’ve gotten custom LED indicators mostly working. The backend program doesn’t seem to save the settings per-controller, so I save them in the UI. This means the UI will forget about your changes if you close the program or click the “Local” button, but it’s better than nothing.

      Check the main page for the updated download link.

  1. Nice, lol. Also cant you answer me, why options “Run when windows start” and “Minimize to system tray on close” dosnt save after i close app? Thanks.

  2. Hi.
    First very good job on the Motionjoy theme.
    It looks great.

    I’ve been testing it and apart from the bluetooth driver uninstalling itself, have to reinstall so it detects the controller.

    I would like to know how to configure it so it picks up the xbox 360 controller profile by default.

    Apart from that I can say the UI looks great.
    Very much improved from the stock ad ridden ui.

    Thanks for your work.

    • While I’d love to make it possible to set a profile to automatically apply when a controller connects, I can’t find any way to save extra data outside of what the official application saves. I recently found a program called Better DS3 which lets you do this, though it doesn’t seem to support turbo, autofire, or macros yet.

  3. DS3_Tool_local is telling me that it must run as an administrator to manage drivers, despite already being run as administrator.

    • What version of windows are you using? Maybe the command line tool I use to determine if the program is run as admin is giving different results on your computer than on mine.

  4. I really like your Theme, si very practical and offeres lots of improvements. But i would like to requests if you can add the options to disable the rumble motors in the controller. Thanks you Joel

  5. Hi,

    I absolutely LOVE your work on the new UI for motioninjoy, it blends so nicely with windows 8, however I’ve had a reoccurring problem with it. sometimes after I run it, my computer will keep typing DSDSDSDSDSDSDSDSDSDSDSDSDS over and over in everything, even after killing DS3_local. the only way to stop this is to reboot (even disconnecting the controller doens’t fix it). No idea what could be causing this but your app seems to trigger this stuck key-ish behavior somehow. I’m using the recommended bluetooth adapter and a regular DS3 controller. My other ds3_local.exe works fine (though I much prefer the non-green UI of yours)

  6. Okay I think I figured out what triggers the stuck key behavior – the “test rumble” button. I habitually press this after connecting to make sure it’s actually connected (old habbit from DS3 bugginess) and this time it was spamming the “S” key.

    • Interesting. I have no idea why that might be happening. Does the same thing happen with the official UI? I’m pretty sure I’m using the same code to start and stop rumble.

  7. I love this but I don’t know why my computer can’t recognise my DS3 via bluetooth in 0.7.0001 but it works perfect in 0.6.0005.
    Have you released a version for 0.6.0005 or can you do it?
    I’ll be very thankful because I love this thing you’ve made and I want to make use of it!

  8. Thanks very much for this, I can’t get Better DS3 to work on my system but your UI works great and is so much cleaner than the official MotioninJoy.

  9. I love the new UI, but sadly it too suffers from a broken profile either save or load. If you make a profile in one try, meaning don’t need to change anything it works and does not mangle the key settings, but upon loading the software again or trying to alter the custom profile, it shows the wrong keys, and even sends these incorrect keys when appropriate button is pressed. Even if you do not save changes the keys are already interpreted incorrectly. Sadly this also happens in the original UI as well…, forcing me to use 0.605 or something. Which of course prevents use of your UI. I wanted it for macro capabilities, however might have to use old local, or Better DS3, despite its lack of macro or turbo.

    • I won’t be updating this since I’ve stopped using MotioninJoy. I’m currently using InputMapper, which currently only works for PS4 controllers, but it looks like the developer is trying to add PS3 controller support too.

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