Downtime, Updates, and Glass!


First off, sorry about the recent downtime. My (free) host had a failing hard drive. Naturally, my site was on that drive, and it took a while to move everything to another server and reconfigure it.

I recently finished a Visual Studio 2010 extension that automatically closes braces (because Microsoft still hasn’t implemented it, and there’s no way I’m buying something like ReSharper). Because I am boring and unoriginal, I have named it Brace Completer. You can find it in the software section.

I also updated my Opera/Firefox userscripts with a couple enhancements. The accented character shortcuts script loads a bit sooner on Opera, and the MangaFox script can now use session/localStorage to cache image urls, making things load faster if you return to a previously loaded chapter.

Lastly, I have an update for GlassCalc, which fixes an overflow error with base conversions, a freeze with long input strings of all the same letter, a bug with updates, and a few other things. The full changelog can be found here. Also, I decided that, for a program named GlassCalc, my calculator didn’t have nearly enough glass. I have now remedied this oversight.

[singlepic id=13 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Go to the Options->More Settings page and check Full Glass UI to turn it on. You’ll obviously need Vista or Windows 7 for it to work.

Speaking of things named GlassCalc, as it turns out, the name I chose in an inspired moment of uncreativity has been in use by an English software company for some 25 years. Whoops. They asked if I would link to their site, which I will gladly do here and now (as well as some other places around the site).

Glass Software UK
Glasscalc Ltd are the leading software developers in the specialist field of Pricing / Costing and Invoicing systems for the Glass Industry.

If you happen to be looking for software that deals with actual glass, go check it out!

Downtime and Stuff


After about three weeks of downtime, my site is finally back up! My host moved everything to bigger and better servers, but my account was lost in the transfer. Good thing I keep nightly backups of my database! Some things may be broken for a while as I get everything working back the way it was.

Also, with the release of the .NET Framework 4.0, I have a new version of GlassCalc for you to try. It has a few bug fixes, a bunch of new features, and a pretty substantial improvement in startup performance. Download it here or click “Check for Updates” from GlassCalc’s help menu.