GlassCalc 1.33


GlassCalc 1.33 is a small update, but it adds one feature that should make it a little more convenient.  Brace highlighting in the default mode now matches braces when the cursor is next to them but not between them.  This means, when you type a closing brace, its opening brace will be highlighted so you can immediately see which brace you just closed.

Version 1.33 also fixes a bug where the code that found function aliases also matched things it shouldn’t have.  For instance, when you type atan2(y, x), GlassCalc changes it to atan(y, x).  Before this fix, GlassCalc would also change batan2(x) to batan(x).

Also, if you downloaded before November 10, I didn’t properly update the version number of the program, so GlassCalc would keep thinking it needs to be updated. This is now fixed.

Check the GlassCalc page for download links.

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