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If you use SetPoint and it doesn’t properly update itself, it might show a generic mouse image instead of a picture of your mouse. You can manually get the right picture if you can find the upgrade package for your device though.

First, you need to find your device’s model number. OpenĀ %AppData%\Logitech\SetPoint\user.xml in a text editor and you should see a line that looks something like this:

<Device DisplayName="Marathon Mouse M705" Model="16777378" NumberOfButtons="11" ConnectionID="">

The important part here is the Model value. Convert the number into hexadecimal. In my case, it’s 10000a2. (Make sure to change all letters to lowercase) Next download this file (replacing the 10000a2 at the end with your hexadecimal model number): http://logitech-viva.navisite.net/logitech/controldevices/setpoint/devices/2/10000a2.exe

If you’re using an old version of SetPoint, change the “2” after “devices” to a “1”.

Run the executable you just downloaded and SetPoint should now show the correct image for your device.

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  1. This would have worked great if the .xml file to which you referred was actually present. But, I found a neat little trick with SetPoint that you can use to quickly generate a .txt file with your secret model number (they really went out of their way to make this information obscure for some reason).

    Go to SetPoint Settings, Tools tab, then click where it says “Save System Reports.” Choose your desktop or Incoming folder and then open the file that you just created. Your model number should be right there at the top somewhere.

  2. With SpewHole’s suggestion to get the model # and your link to get the exe file, it was able to fix the generic picture logitech was giving me for my keyboard. Thanks Joel.

  3. Worked for me too… thanks! I love Logitech hardware (especially their speakers) and like using keyboard and mice that aren’t Microsoft. It’s a crying shame that SetPoint is so flakey. I’ve had install issues with it since it was first released. I miss my ‘Dual Optical’ and MouseWare from years ago.

    • No problem. I like their mouse hardware too, and their warranty support was great on the one occasion I had to use it. I wish I could say the same things about their software.

      They also need to make a proper ergonomic mouse. I’m back to using Microsoft mouse since I’ve recently started needing a mouse with a more vertical wrist position. It works well, but the scroll wheel and side buttons aren’t quite as easy to use as my Marathon Mouse.

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  5. The link doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I keep getting server timeouts and 404’s. Pinging the site “logitech-viva.navisite.net” comes up nothing.

  6. I used your link to install the mouse graphics for my performance mouse mx and used your instructions to determine that my Wireless Mouse M560 should be 1001001.exe but unfortunately this link doesn’t work (like your other devices)


    But after that I just figured out the URL for the M560. I went to the folder you mentioned (C:\ProgramData\Logishrd\SetPointP\Devices\PointingDevice), then went into the folder 1001001 for my device. Saw a file in there called Q402d.sid. Took a chance and the following URL worked:

    Maybe this information can help. Cheers !!! :D

  7. Try setting the updates to ON. I just turned them to ON, with the option of : “Notify me but don’t automatically…”
    and the graphics appeared after Setpoint restart.

    • Thanks Gombi! Simple and totally works!

      Additional info: After it works I checked in this folder (for my Perfomance MX):

      Saw that it had copied a bunch of images 1.png, 2.png, … to 9.png, each showing which button is currently being set in Setpoint.

  8. Unfortunately in 2021 the page “http://logitech-viva.navisite.net/logitech/controldevices/setpoint/devices/2/10000a2.exe” is not accessible

  9. However, it is possible to manually copy own png files describing the mosue buttons which I did and it works, for 705 mouse:
    c:\ProgramData\Logishrd\SetPointP\Devices\PointingDevice\10000A2\1.png and up to 9.png
    Seeing the pictures is very helpful for mouses with more than 4 buttons

  10. @Matteo, Thank You for the info that this is possible. I was able to find the latest URL that Logitech is using for these Device Image Packages. For the Performance Mouse MX, the URL is… “http://updates.logitech.com/logitech/controldevices/setpoint/devices/2/10000a1.exe”. After downloading, all you have to do is execute the package once and the images will be installed. The installer does not show any prompts or dialogs, it’s just a quick silent install. I would also suggest saving the images from the “C:\ProgramData\Logishrd\SetPointP\Devices\PointingDevice\10000A1” folder just in case you need to manually install them in the future. Of course you could always use the installer but maybe it won’t work on a future version of Windows?

    • @Jack Sparrow Your newest link still works so far but not all devices are there. My mouse was, however my K360 keyboard (2001004) was not, so I created all 12 F-key keyboard images (.png) and copied them to the correct folder on my XP system drive.

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